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Artist: Philip Guston

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Good afternoon class, today you're going to be learning a bit about Philip Guston. He's a really cool guy.

Sidney B. Felsen - Philip Guston in his studio in Woodstock, New York, April 1980






002 ab ex guston

He became famous in the Abstract Expressionist scene (featuring artists like Pollock and De Kooning)






003 Philip Guston - 2

...and then, around 1970, got fed up with abstraction, developing a crazy style inspired by comic book art.





005 philip guston - ancient wall

Philip Guston – Ancient Wall

He was widely ridiculed by the art world for his new style, dropped by his gallery, and even lost a close friend over it.



004 philip guston - Thing

Philip Guston - Thing?

The painter Philip Guston was Morton Feldman's best friend. In 1970, Guston abandoned the abstract expressionist style he had been closely associated with, and began painting cartoonish figures that often included shoes, disembodied eyeballs, and hooded figures. To say Feldman was shocked would be an understatement. As someone recently told me the story (heard from someone else who was there), Feldman came to the initial exhibition and Guston came up to ask him what he thought. For several minutes, Feldman simply couldn't speak, and Guston slowly and sadly got the point. Finally Feldman just turned away and left, and the two parted ways for years. And Feldman wasn't the only one. "It was as though I had left the church," Guston later recalled; "I was excommunicated for awhile." (PostClassic)

004 philip guston - friend - to M.F.

In 1978, Guston painted “Friend - To M.F." [left] - a portrait of Feldman in profile, his head turned away: "an image of their mutually regretted estrangement" (Source)



006 philip guston - painting, smoking, eating

Philip Guston – Painting, Smoking, Eating

In 1984, 4 years after Guston's death, Morton Feldman dedicated a work to him (4-hour-long experimental music piece)




007 Philip Guston - 1

009 philip guston - in the studio

010 philip guston - untitled







011 philip guston - untitled (cherry)

Philip Guston – Untitled (Cherry)

Guston moved from New York to Woodstock to get some distance from the art world, continuing to work in his representational style for the rest of his life. He died in Woodstock in 1980.


013 philip guston - the studio

Philip Guston – The Studio

He has come to be recognized as an influential artist,
Today, it's not uncommon to see a Guston piece -- whether abstract or representational -- sell for $1,000,000 or more.





014 philip guston - head and bottle

015 philip guston - east tenth

017 philip guston - pit







016 philip gusston - edge of town

019 philip guston - city

019 philip guston - cigar

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  1. Great overview and wonderful choice of images. In my opinion, Guston is the most important American painter of the 20th century.