Wednesday, November 3, 2010

People dressed as Frida

001 frida

A post-Halloween special







Children dressed as Frida


child costume3

child freidacostume

Women dressed as Frida

woman 52805410_cfc366db91woman 2990339115_9c66ff95f8woman Almost-Fridawoman fridawoman Frida_ghost_t440woman halloween034if5woman halloweenfridacostume09woman heathandgina
Props to the last two for the monkey and for the moustache.

Very white women dressed as Frida

very white woman 3016806896_fdb7266386very white woman 3968062424_b1d443a603very white woman 4023407053_a9918c1394_b

Claudia Schiffer Frida

woman ClaudiaSchifferFridaKahlo2


doin it wrong woman wiig_kahlo_m

Man dressed as Frida

man And props to this man, a true original.


  1. I'm pleasantly surprised to find that people actually dress up as Frida Kahlo. People are not as uncultured as the media would have us believe.

  2. That's a pretty optimistic outlook, the way I see it there are a lot of people out there, a few of them are bound to have good ideas...

    You might enjoy this one, too